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Behaviour Consulting

Specialized behaviour consulting for behaviour challenges.

Vet recommended.

Global client base. 

Request a Phone Call

International time zone? Don't see a schedule option that works? Have an urgent emergency? Send me an email.

Dog aggression and dog reactivity doesn't have to be faced alone. Let's get the process started! I consult via Zoom, you don't have to leave you home and I efficiently train YOU to be your dogs trainer. We have been using this model successfully for many years now. If you are skeptical, check out some of our reviews!

All behaviour consulting is remote. Read our reviews if you are skeptical!

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Single Consultation

Virtual Consultation 45-60 min

Customized Training Plan & Report

Resources, Videos & Handouts so you can start resolving reactive behaviour immediately!

$240 CDN

The Behaviour Package

Virtual Consultation 45-60 min

2 Follow-Up Sessions, 30 min

Customized Training Plan & Report

Homework, Video Review & Support while working together

$460 CDN

The BIG Behaviour Package

Virtual Consultation 45-60 min
4 Follow-Up Sessions, 30 min

Customized Training Plan & Report

Homework, Video Review & Support while working together

$680 CDN

Single Follow-Up

If you've worked with us within the last calendar year, you can purchase single follow-up sessions for check-ins. For serious changes in behaviour a Behaviour Consultation will be required.

new adoption course

New Adoption Course!

If you are thinking of adoption or have adopted a dog recently, this course covers multiple topics to help set you and your new family member up for success!

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Client Review

"I can't speak highly enough about Renee and Bravo Dog Behavioural Health! We were at our wits' end with our foster dog, Marvel, who seemed to be in a constant state of alertness and was having regular aggression issues with our other dog.

Renee's guidance was invaluable. Not only did she provide us with specific action plans tailored to Marvel's needs, but she also offered unwavering support every step of the way. She was very responsive to random questions as they came up and was generous with her time.

What truly sets Renee apart, though, is her kindness and lack of judgment. She approached Marvel's behaviour with empathy and understanding, really helping us to get at the root causes of his behaviours.

Marvel has made remarkable progress, and our household became a much more harmonious place during Marvel's time in our care. Marvel is in such a good place that he was recently placed into his new home and we're confident he will thrive in this next phase of his life."     - Brock

Tools & Methods Not Recommended

Devices and techniques that cause anxiety, fear, distress, pain or injury, such as choke chains, prong, ecollars and shock collars, "invisible" fences, spray bottles, noise makers and citronella sprays. Methods such as alpha rolling and intimidation are not recommended.

If you are currently using these methods or devices and you are open to change, let's work together! I pride myself in using a non-judgemental and compassionate teaching approach for the humans too! It's so important to find a dog behaviour consultant that not only combines the use of science and evidence, but with years of experience as to why these approaches are not recommended.

  • Why are most of your services virtual?
    My clients have found that working with virtually is more efficient and convenient. We are not distracted by what's going on and often times your dog won't act the same in my presence as they do in yours. We get to the heart of the issues quickly and I determine a plan to move forward, we go over exactly what you need to do and you can get training right away. Your support materials and homework are clear and clients have found this to be very effective.
  • Don't you need to see my dogs behaviour to treat it?
    Surprisingly, no! I've seen thousands of clients over the years and one thing I know is that seeing your dog react doesn't help us with a plan moving forward. I have seen every behaviour under the sun! You are welcome to send me video as long as you aren't setting your dog up to react. The more your dog reacts, the farther behind in the process we will be.
  • Why are you so expensive?
    This line of work is not regulated which means one isn't required to invest in education or certifications to work with clients. Scary. I've invested upwards of $60,000 and continue to invest every year in continuing education to ensure I am not doing harm with outdated information. You are paying for a specialist that is invested in you and the welfare of your dog.
  • What is your refund policy?
    Our policy is that we cannot refund after we have accepted payment. Discretionary refunds will result in a $50 cancellation fee to cover administrative costs.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    You may cancel and reschedule up to 48 hrs in advance. You may cancel sessions up to 2 times only. Sessions are forfeited as a result unless extenuating circumstances (illness, emergencies) and is up to our discretion whether to enforce our policy.
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