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Dog Reactivity Course:
Unraveling Reactivity

Get to the root cause of reactive behavior

Prioritize what to address first

What contributes the most to reactive behaviours?

How can I STOP reactivity?

I've spent the last 13 years working with clients and their dogs who are suffering from reactive behaviours. Through my experiences and education, I've narrowed down the really important information you need to know before you even tackle your dog's reactive behaviour. Skip the Youtube tutorials and TikTok training tips and gain access to accurate information that can help you start to unravel why your dog is reactive.

Navigating Societies Expectations for Dogs
Stopping Reactivity
Pain & Behaviour
Non-Negotiable Needs
Training Set-Ups
Are You Poisoning Your Training?

Inside the course:

Client Review

"Renée is absolutely amazing!! I rescued a abused and neglected stray German Shepherd who came to me with reactivity to just about everything in our environment as well as resource guarding. Renée helped us with both behavioural issues and with her help I have seen such a huge improvement in our dogs behaviour, I can walk my dog with so much less stress knowing we have tools and strategy to get her through just about every one of her triggers. My dog is so much more calm inside too and has gone months now with out any resource guarding. I could not recommend Bravo Dog enough, if you are struggling with building a relationship with your dog and/ or struggling in your training you must go see Renée!"     - Georgia

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