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Limited In-Person Behaviour Training in North Vancouver

Want to get to the root of your dog's
behaviour issues?

Tired of trying Youtube and Instagram hacks that aren't resulting in change?


Want to work with an experienced, certified specialist?


Ready for real, sustainable results?

The Behavioural
Health Package


  • 1 x Initial Behaviour Consultation (virtual)

  • Support materials & homework

  • 2 x In-person sessions (North Vancouver)

  • Homework, support + video review

  • WhatsApp communication between sessions

I work with:

  • On leash reactivity

  • Human reactivity

  • Territorial reactivity

  • Resource guarding

  • Dogs that growl, snap, snarl and bite

  • Fear, anxiety, unhealthy behaviours

  • I do not treat separation anxiety

  • All in -person sessions take place in North Vancouver

  • Sessions are available Monday - Friday

  • Your initial consultation is via Zoom

Investment: $649

Clients I love to work with:

  • Dog nerds who want to understand the intricacies impacting dog reactive behaviour

  • Committed individuals who value a credentialed + certified force-free professional guiding and teaching them

  • You're willing to change YOUR behaviour!

  • You that understand that quick fixes don't exist

  • Individuals that are open to collaborating with veterinary professionals when deemed necessary

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