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Dog Park Alternatives

Not all dogs are suitable for dog parks. You may not enjoy going to dog parks! This is completely fine and normal by the way. I'm sharing 3 dog park alternatives.

Off-Leash but No Dogs?

If you're looking to give your dog an outlet for off-leash adventures BUT you don't want to run into random dogs Sniffspot is gaining traction. These are private, for hire dog parks that are essentially private property, fenced, that is available for you to rent. You'll reserve and pay an hourly rate which varies from $5 and up per hour.

Dog Beaches

Dog beaches can be a fantastic outlet for dogs that are interested in water! Lakes or ocean beaches are a great change to your normal neighborhood walk. What I love about dog beaches is that the focus isn't entirely on dog interactions. You'll see dogs swimming and fetching which is a solo activity. Bring Fido is a website that shares different local spots for a variety of dog-centric things and they list dog beaches. Not a paid or endorsed share by the way! There is a site for Canada and the US.

Safety: ensure you have worked with your dog ahead of time to utilize a life-jacket if they need one! This article does a great job explaining WHY your dog needs a life jacket.

2 Of the Best Life Jackets Available

Don't skimp and get a cheap version, fit and function matter.

Hikes & Trails

It's really important to find a hike or walk that matches with your activity level, and that of your dogs. If you're looking for dog friendly hikes in your area then I recommend All Trails.

Pay attention to whether dogs need to be on leash and please, follow the rules!

What you should bring:

  • water

  • snacks (for you and your dog)

  • poop bags

  • long line

  • bear spray (if needed)

  • first aid kid

  • tick tool

  • rescue harness

What if you're going on a LONG hike or somewhere remote? I really recommend having this in case your dog gets injured and you have to hike them out!

Get Out There!

Even if your dog has challenges being around other dogs or even strangers, we can get creative and get them out to different spaces to explore. Do some research, and start testing the waters. Our dogs get bored of the same thing just as we do... let me know if you find some other dog park alternatives that I didn't include here!

What do you prefer over dog parks?

  • Beaches

  • Hikes/Trails

  • Remote areas without dogs!


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