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Adoption Course

Adopting a dog is an exciting time! This course prepares you for what to expect before and after adopting!


Vital information you need to know!
After working with shelters, rescue groups and clients for over a decade...

I am sharing with you everything I think you need to know if you are adopting or have adopted a dog.

Avoid the overwhelm!
  • Setting up realistic expectations

  • How to prepare your home

  • Safety

  • Decompression periods

  • Stress & Behaviour

  • Integrating multiple pets in the home

  • Common mistakes

  • Important training concept

  • & so much more!

Want to make sure you're setting your newly adopted dog, and you, up for success?
adopt (1).png
What if my dog becomes reactive?

How does stress impact behaviour?

What is the Honeymoon Period?

Why am I so passionate about sharing this information?

Over the last decade I have seen so many clients that:

  • Were not prepared for the different phases they may encounter with their dog

  • Wish they had known how to set up proper introductions and integrations with other pets in the home

  • Thought their new adoption would be like their past dog

  • Didn't understand how stress & decompression impact adopted dogs

  • Had to make the heartbreaking decision of rehoming or returning their adopted dog

Get the information you

need to feel prepared & confident with your new adoption.

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