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Turn your passion
into a career.

Become a
professional dog walker.

Dog walking is more than a side hustle.

Take your knowledge to the next level.

Created by experienced former dog walkers, now behaviour consultants!
Become a professional dog walker through our certificate course.
  • You're taking the initiative to learn about dog behaviour, safety and the welfare of your clients. This matters to clients!

  • Raise the standards in this field. Pet care isn't regulated. Your certification demonstrates how seriously you take this.

  • It's not just a side hustle... it means so much more that your clients are happy and healthy while in your care.

  • Learn from two certified behaviour consultants who used to own and run their own successful dog walking businesses!

What is covered in the course?
  • Dog Behaviour: Learning Theory: Ethology, Body Language, Play Signals

  • Dog Walking: Group + Private Walks, Parallel Walks, Dog Walking Equipment, Muzzle Training Resources, Transportation,

  • Dog Training: Skills to help you reinforce and understand training

  • Reactivity & Aggression: how to utilize management and prevention & identify reactive behaviours

  • Emergencies: best practices

  • Business: structure, legalities, networking

Tap into the knowledge from 2 professionals who started their careers as dog walkers...
  • You are required to provide proof of Pet First Aid before we issue your certificate. Students are given a discount for DogSafe First Aid once enrolled.

  • You have one year to complete the course


Industry Benefits


Get 20% off your First Aid Course


CDWA Members can receive 20% off of our course! Inquire with CDWA before registering.

Meet the  Creators of the Program.

Renée and Sandy both started their careers working with dogs by running their own dog walking businesses. Their experience and knowledge will help you to level-up your knowledge and skills as a professional dog walker. Their goal is to help elevate the standards for dog walkers. 

Renée Erdman

  • Behaviour Consultant & Reactivity Specialist

  • Bravo Dog Behavioural Health

Renée ran a successful dog walking business in North Vancouver, BC. She realized what a need there was for standards of care for dog walking businesses. This course reflects everything she wishes dog walkers knew before working with clients!

Sandy Wei

Sandy Wei


Sandy rain her own successful dog walking business in Vancouver. She spent years fine-tuning her approach to set dogs up to succeed with a focus on safety with a side of business-savvy! She is now a sought-after trainer and consultant in Pentiction, BC.

"I am so glad I took the Dog Walker Certification course with Bravo Dog. The course covered everything you need to know, and I found the training exercises especially valuable. All the topics covered were explored in great detail and a lot of additional useful resources were provided. It definitely helped me in terms of restructuring/improving some aspects of the services I offer, and I would recommend anyone thinking of or already providing dog-walking services to take the course and become more educated on how to safely care for the pups and how to better help the clients we work with!"

Jacqueline Wu

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