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Behaviour impacts health.

Working with reactive, anxious, fearful behaviours is a specialized skill set. 

No judgement, no shame... just support, guidance & the help you need for challenging behaviours.

Virtual and in-person training servicing North Vancouver.

I know how much you love your dog.
You might not love their behaviour.

If you're struggling with dog aggression or need help with your fearful or anxious dog, I can help. With 13 years of experience in dog behaviour training, I have helped countless dog guardians create a harmonious relationship with their furry friends. My passion for dogs and their well-being drives me to provide the best solutions tailored to each dog's unique needs. Let's work together to transform your dog's behavior and strengthen the bond between you and your beloved pet.

Common behaviours I work with:

✔️ On-leash reactivity

✔️ Fearful behaviours

✔️ Anxiety (not separation anxiety)

✔️ Stranger directed aggression

✔️ Dog to dog reactivity

✔️ Resource guarding

✔️ Territorial aggression

Invest in your
dog's behaviour.


Vets & vet behaviourists recommend us! 


Specialized Behaviour Programs 

Behaviour consulting for reactivity. If you're struggling with your dog's reactive, fearful or anxious behaviour, we can work together to find solutions. Packages to fit your budget and your needs.

Limited In-Person

In-person packages are available in North Vancouver for those that need hands-on help with reactive behaviour. This is a hybrid package that includes one initial Zoom consult and 2 in-person sessions in North Vancouver.

How are we different from other trainers?

Dog and Its Owner

Dog "training" has its place. But, when your dog is struggling with reactive behaviours, we need to focus on their emotions and underlying issues that are causing the behaviour.

We have a specialized skillset.

More obedience training will not resolve emotional issues.

I assess every aspect of your dog's life because behaviour does not fit into a neat little box.

Treating behaviour issues includes:

  • physical and emotional health

  • species and breed specific needs

  • history; trauma and negative experiences

  • genetics & the environment

  • training approaches and dog-guardian relationship

Client Review

"Renée is absolutely amazing!! I rescued a abused and neglected stray German Shepherd who came to me with reactivity to just about everything in our environment as well as resource guarding. Renée helped us with both behavioural issues and with her help I have seen such a huge improvement in our dogs behaviour, I can walk my dog with so much less stress knowing we have tools and strategy to get her through just about every one of her triggers. My dog is so much more calm inside too and has gone months now with out any resource guarding. I could not recommend Bravo Dog enough, if you are struggling with building a relationship with your dog and/ or struggling in your training you must go see Renée!"     - Georgia

german shepherd laying on couch
Our Veterinary Behaviourist said, “I would recommend Renée as she is one of the best in the lower mainland.”

Tracy M.

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